17-19 November 2017

The Italian Bridge

Rome · Italy

We are hoping to make this year's JWC the biggest and best we've ever held. To help achieve this we have broken down our session requirements into general subject topics and types in order to encourage a wide range of suitable submissions.

We are welcoming high quality session and workshops in both Italian and English this year, as at least 2 of our session rooms will feature live translation.

Sessions are 45 minutes long, workshops are double sessions. The type and number of sessions/workshops we are looking for are shown below.

Session TypeQuantity
Agency/Business  11 
Community Focused   3 
Developer  11
Integrator/Administrator  16
UX/Design  10
Workshop TypeQuantity
Developer  2
Integrator/Administrator  3
UX/Design  2

To submit your session/workshop proposal please fill in the following form.  

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