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We’re gathering the brightest minds, and most influential voices in the Joomla Community for JWC15.
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1. Celebrate how to make Joomla work for you with Joomla experts from around the world.


2. Innovate with Joomla users and professionals. Share your knowledge!


3. Design with the Joomla community. Learn how you can contribute.


4. Business old friends, and make new ones, at an amazing international conference!

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Speakers 2015

Brave hearts, Creative minds

Jono Bacon

Jono Bacon is a leading community manager, author, and keynote speaker. He is Senior Director of Community at XPRIZE and formerly led the Ubuntu community at Canonical.

Lea Verou

Lea is currently busy doing research in Human-Computer Interaction at MIT CSAIL. She has previously written an advanced CSS book for O’Reilly (CSS Secrets) and worked as a Developer Advocate at W3C.

Marko Rillo

Marko Rillo is the founder of and an internationally recognized LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator.

Brad Frost

Brad Frost is a web designer, speaker, writer, and consultant based in beautiful Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Priyanka Nag

A writer by profession, a developer by passion. Working on several different Open Source projects are things that I do as hobby.

To be announced

To be announced

Kenneth Crowder

Kenneth is a Global Moderator on the Joomla forums, former Leadership Team member, author, and co-author of the O'Reilly book "Using Joomla" first edition.

Tessa Mero

Tessa Mero is a college instructor teaching web application development at a college. She spends her extra time contributing on a leadership team for the Joomla! project.

As a hobby, she enjoys snowboarding, camping, playing music, traveling, going to arcade centers, and playing video games.

She is the organizer of the Seattle Joomla Meetup and the co-organizer for the Seattle PHP Meetup and has an addiction to learning new things.