17-19 November 2017

The Italian Bridge

Rome · Italy

Matt Stewart

Matt Stewart
Matt Stewart is a no BS activator of potential. His No Excuses, Now What approach has been fostered & developed over the past 20+ years

Matt Stewart is a no bullsh*t activator of potential. His "No Excuses, Now What" approach has been fostered & developed over the past 20+ years from coaching, collaborating and advising Senior Leaders across North America.

In 2015 he said F U to Cancer and forged his own path and launched his proprietary no-holds-barred success coaching system. His foundational philosophy is boldly simple: move past the excuse —> laser focus on the next steps and you can accomplish a shit-tonne.

The most important thing a leader, boss, manager or ANYONE can do is ask yourself “How Am I Framing This?”. How You Frame anything in life will impact the specific macro & micro-actions you take and will impact the tribes you choose to let into your life.

Matt’s approach is not some sit-around-a-campfire-hug-a tree-and-kiss-puppies kind of approach. It is based in the thought process that – no one owes you anything! This pragmatic whiskey-on-the-rocks approach has served Matt well during his years in Healthcare, the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, Finance and now as a Success Coach in post-secondary.

Before venturing into the mountains of the Interior of BC – Matt also facilitated leadership training for the Toronto2015 Pan Am Games and taught in Tokyo Japan. Remember —> Accept No Excuses and only ask Now What.

Stop Calling (them) Millennials or Gen Z!

Let's stop labeling the next generation with words like Millennial and Zs. Instead focus and think of them as people; by coaching to develop their non-cognitive skills.

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