17-19 November 2017

The Italian Bridge

Rome · Italy

Yves Koekkoek

Yves Koekkoek
Yves is a UX Researcher, consultant and teacher helping demanding interfaces designers seeking for attractiveness AND efficiency.

“You are not the User...”

Yves is helping demanding interfaces designers seeking for attractiveness AND efficiency relying on three fundamentals:

  • Cognitive Psychology fundamentals (understand your users).
  • Take distance and conduct user studies (analyze real users).
  • Use a “welcome changes” lean methodology.

I share my professional time between three activities:

  • UX Research
  • Behavioral
  • Cognitive Psychology

Advice to companies and institutions (and support). Teaching, master classes, workshops and conferences. Among other things I support digital interfaces creators to:

  • Understanding and improving user experience.
  • Content strategies.
  • E-Business
  • WebMarketing strategies

I co-lead two highly innovative UX research projects (in Bristol and Boston).

I give lectures and workshops around the world, teach User eXperience, Web projects management and eCommerce at Celsa Paris-Sorbonne and Provence University.

My leisure is as much devoted as possible to my other passion; Airplane Pilot (small but very beautiful).

I love challenges!

“There is no reason to oppose eye appealing and efficiency.
UX should be a friendly toolbox for designers"

What You See Is NOT What User Get

We create a mental image about everything we pay attention to. Based on blurred-grey informations from the eye and coloured elements from our memory!

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