17-19 November 2017

The Italian Bridge

Rome · Italy

Wilko Rietveld

Wilko Rietveld
CEO, BizzXL, Founder: Joomla Business Applications. A world full inspirations and opportunities to choose from is my daily challenge, and I love it!

CEO BizzXL (2009). BizzXL develops innovative web applications for business processes. The BizzXL workflow method ensures that a process becomes more efficiënt and for the users a proces in logical steps.  Founder Joomla Business Applications, a Joomla Application platform using Single Point of Information model to help companies overcome expensive decentral Saas Solutions and get maximum use out of website presence and webbased user interaction. Co-founder, Co-creator StudiePitch, a solution (a scientific method, an instrument, proces software) that supports students and universities. Involved in Web and Internet since 1999 as part of the Internet team at Dell.

Why do Business Web Applications help companies to save money, when using Joomla

In this session I will show why companies want to spend more money on their website > to save or make even more with their business. The magic word Web-Based-Business-Application.

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