17-19 November 2017

The Italian Bridge

Rome · Italy

Shirat Goldstein

Shirat Goldstein
A designer & web developer, specializing in Joomla.
Managing the Israeli JUG.
Part of the Joomla! Marketing team. 34, mother to 4, happily married, lives in Israel.

Graphic designer & web developer, specializing in Joomla. Manage the Israeli Joomla! User Group and a part of the Joomla! Marketing team. I am an autodidact and almost anything I know about design and web development I learned by myself with tutorials and books. I freelance and own a small business that is mostly dealing with building Joomla! websites. As I like challenges I've decided not to stop at being a designer and knowing a bit of HTML, and am constantly learning new thing everyday on my way to becoming a developer. In order to keep busy I am a 34 year old mother to 4, happily married and lives in Israel.

Inventing the wheel - Designing websites for Brands

Every website you get to design should be unique and creative - so how can you keep inventing the wheel after building websites for so long? Come to my session and find out :)

Secrets from the Work Station

20 Secrets in 20 Min - Things I've learned in 8 years of developing and designing Joomla! Websites

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