17-19 November 2017

The Italian Bridge

Rome · Italy

Sander Potjer

Sander Potjer
CT & CMA @ Perfect Web Team, where we develop high-traffic Joomla sites and extensions. Developer of ACL Manager & active contributor to the Joomla community.

The passion for Joomla began for Sander Potjer in 2005 when building a site for his rowing team. He was immediately impressed by the power of the Joomla CMS and the global community around it. Soon he started contributing to the local and later on to the international Joomla community. Sander is co-owner of Perfect Web Team where they develop high-traffic Joomla sites and extensions. He is also the creator and developer of ACL Manager, a popular Joomla extension that simplifies the management of Joomla ACL.

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