17-19 November 2017

The Italian Bridge

Rome · Italy

Geraint Edwards

Geraint Edwards
Based in the UK, I have been developing extensions for Joomla! since its inception. I am the lead developer of JEvents and EasyLayouts for Joomla!.
I have been developing addons for Joomla! since it was started.  I am the lead developer of JEvents, a popular calendar and events management system for Joomla!, together with its addons which add in venue/location management, ticketing/reservations, email reminders, people management and a long list of other functionality to JEvents. More recently we have developed EasyLayouts - a tool that can eliminate the need to write template overrides for many sites. I live in rural Wales and love cycling and cross country skiing.

Joomla Custom Fields - Using Them to Their Full Potential

Joomla 3.7 introduced Custom Fields for the core content types. You can add custom fields to Content, Contacts, Users and third-party addons but presentation options are limited.

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