17-19 November 2017

The Italian Bridge

Rome · Italy

Robin Poort

Robin Poort
Robin is a front-end web developer who is specialised in 'mobile first' and 'responsive design'. Always having the end-user in mind and trying to leave no user behind!

Robin Poort is a front-end web developer who is specialised in 'mobile first' and 'responsive design'. Robin is always working on projects with the end-user in mind. He is trying to leave no one behind and is making sure the message comes through.

Once starting his career as a designer, Robin is currently focused on front-end development. Having a designer past is of great help in translating design into code. In 2013 Robin decided to start working as a freelance consultant. This way he could work in larger multidisciplinary teams and on larger projects.

Because of his specific knowledge Robin is of great value to other professionals on a daily basis. Working with others is what Robin enjoys, he is a real team player, which has made him more knowledgeable in other fields as well.

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