17-19 November 2017

The Italian Bridge

Rome · Italy

Don't Repeat Yourself with JLayout

How often do you copy & paste the same piece of code when you are developing your own templates and extensions? Join this session and learn how to use JLayouts to solve this!

When working on templates and extension you often use a (similar) piece of HTML/PHP code in multiple locations. When you just finished you noticed you forget a class and you need to edit all pieces again. This can be really annoying. Do you recognize this

Then this presentation is a must for you! In Joomla there is a very powerful solution to prevent copy & pasting code: JLayouts. You might have come accross it when creating template overrides, as the Joomla core is using it more and more often. But how does this JLayout system works? How can you customize the Joomla core ones with overrides? And how can you create your own JLayouts and use it in your templates and extensions.

By using examples from our own projects Sander will demonstrate the benefits of using JLayouts in your own projects to not only save time but also to prevent issues from forgetting to apply a change of code to all places it is in use.

Learn how to add some smart logic to JLayouts so you can also use variables to render variations of the same JLayout and how to debug issues with JLayouts.

Talk Type and Audience: Sessions | Developer | Sunday | TechJoomla Room | 10:15 - 11:00 | Display

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