17-19 November 2017

The Italian Bridge

Rome · Italy

An Interview with Peter Martin, Operations Department Coordinator

Peter (or pe7er as he is often known), is a regular and well respected Joomla! developer. He will be speaking at JWC and having prized him away from his Raspberry Pi, I was able to ask the following questions and gain an interesting insight into some of his background:

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An interview with Michael Babker, Joomla Production Department Coordinator

If you have looked through any of the Joomla! communication channels you cannot fail to see the name Michael Babker pop up. As the Production Department Coordinator, Michael runs the team that maintains the Joomla! code base. His involvement and commitment to the project have been huge and we all benefit as a result.

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Interview with Chiara Aliotta

As #JWC17 approaches Hugh Douglas-Smith caught up with keynote speaker Chiara Aliotta and talked through her perspective on Joomla! and Design in general.

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