17-19 November 2017

The Italian Bridge

Rome · Italy

Silver Sponsor - Joomla Website Collective

We - the Joomla Website Collective - are proud to sponsor the biggest event of the year.

Ah, you ask: “What can the individual companies within this collective do for me?”
Well, let’s listen to a little story...

Once upon a time... a long long time ago - it must have been in the summer of 2017 - Jenny got a call. Jenny Winona Croft owns a small web company. She is also the head developer at Jammin’ Web Company. And yes, she often listens to Bob Marley.

Anyway, Jenny got a call from Juan, who wants a website for their enterprise ‘Japanese Warehouse Containers’ which specializes in Japanese containers for warehouses. Juan W. Cunningham is a marketeer and wants to conquer the container world, especially the Japanese warehouse part of it. He wants to do a lot with social media and targeted marketing.

And all this needs to come together in a kick-ass website.

Jenny accepted this job as she knows she can create this ass-kicking website with Joomla! based on all the great images Juan provided. She put the Bob Marley playlist on repeat. Jenny started right away and uploaded all image to the images folder to build sample pages. Within a few days she already had the basics of the website running.

Meet John Carson. John is the publisher and editor at the container company. We won’t mention his middle name, as he doesn’t want to be reminded of his tough childhood. But it does start with a ‘W’ and does end with ‘endy’.

John was having fun filling the website with the first articles and data. Because Jenny installed the fabulous ImageManager extension from R2H, John was able to drag and drop images between folders. This gave him the possibility to move images around as he was figuring out the best way to structure his website and image folders.

Jenny understood that Juan was very a busy person so she recommended AcyMailing from Acyba to keep in touch with the prospects and clients. So Jenny set up an auto newsletter to send out a bi-weekly email with all product news from the blog posts that John writes.

John always thought it was a challenge as a publisher to make sure all upcoming articles were published correctly on the website. When Jenny introduced John to the editorial calendar PixPublish by Pixpro Labs he was very happy to finally get an overview of all the scheduled blog publications and their related scheduled AcyMailing email dispatches. He discovered how easy it was to filter the articles by status, language or access group and then drag & drop each item to change dates, open and edit and even create new articles.

Not only was the scheduling of articles important for Japanese Warehouse Containers but Juan wanted to use modules as a powerful marketing tool too. He asked Jenny if there was a way to target modules at certain visitors, based on location and time of the day. Also he wanted some modules to show only during specific seasons. “No problem” Jenny told him. She had already installed Advanced Module Manager, one of the many Regular Labs extensions she used regularly.

And there you have it. Four Joomla! product/service providers that can mean a lot for your Joomla! web company too. Come by our booth and talk to us.
You are also welcome to join one of our sessions:

Articles Anywhere as a CCK

Boost Your Joomla! Business

Image Management on Steroids

The Joomla Website Collective: Pixpro Labs, Regular Labs, Acyba, R2H ImageManager


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