17-19 November 2017

The Italian Bridge

Rome · Italy


I would like to apologise for the confusion that has been caused by some considerable misinformation surrounding the Joomla! World Conference.

Many of you will have seen me on stage at last year’s JoomlaDay Italy talking about building an “Italian Bridge” to your community with the global community.

Holding the Joomla! World Conference in Rome was supposed to be a major part of this bridge, but sadly due to the actions of some members of your community, this has been far from the case to date and I am truly sorry for the time it has taken me to realise what has been taking place without my knowledge.


From the launch of ticket sales, the JWC team has had a discount code available to all Italian community members to reduce the cost of their tickets to €125. This code sadly failed to be shared publicly to you and only shared with a select few people.   

This code is still valid and is ITJWC50.  

You can purchase tickets here: https://conference.joomla.org/it/compra-biglietti.html.

(please note any tickets purchased by non-Italians using this code will be refunded and voided)

Much as I understand that the Italian Community is used to experiencing free events. Due to the nature of the event, multitrack, 3 days long, proper catering, etc the cost of holding the event means we must charge an entry fee. The discounted cost we are offering the Italian Community is approximately 1/3 of the cost per head. Your ticket includes the full 3 day program, fully catered refreshment breaks and a proper lunch.


It has also come to my attention that you have been told that there will be no translation. This is simply untrue, it has always been our intention to translate the main room simultaneously.  This is still very much the case. Our call for speakers was open for a very long time and we received no submissions from Italian community speakers, even though we asked certain community members to promote the call and to engage them. We therefore decided to go with a full programme in English with one-way translation (English to Italian) of the main room.


If you are an experienced speaker and would be interested in presenting in Italian at JWC, I am happy to consider adding an Italian track to the program. I have very little time to make this happen, so please email as soon as possible if you are willing to speak.  You will receive a free ticket and social pass in return for speaking.


For the first time ever at JWC 2017, the Joomla! Certification Program Administrator Exam will be available in Italian as well as English.  The team have worked very hard to make this possible and anyone looking to take the exam can now do so in Italian.

There will be an exam preparation and exam on all 3 days of the conference.  An Italian speaking co-ordinator will also be present at all sessions.

If you would like to take the exam, please visit https://exam.joomla.org/jwc2017.  In order to sit the exam at JWC 2017, you must also purchase an event ticket.  You can purchase a 3 day ticket using the discount code above, or for those of you that are looking to sit the exam but who are unable to attend all 3 days of the event, we have created a special discount code for 1 day tickets to reduce the price by 50% (120 (Friday and Sunday) to  60  / 80 (Saturday) to 40)

The code is EXAM50IT
(please note any tickets purchased by non-Italians using this code will be refunded and voided)

I truly hope that this statement has helped the Italian Community to see the facts surrounding the Joomla! World Conference and that some or even many of you will now decide to attend! If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email the team () and we will be happy to help you.

Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall
Events Director – Open Source Matters inc.


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