17-19 November 2017

The Italian Bridge

Rome · Italy

My First Joomla World Conference

Attending last night’s social, meeting all of those fellow ‘Joomlers’ and staying late to be the last person at the bar was probably a mistake.

Now the alarm is buzzing, my eyes are longing to stay closed and the bright morning sun is sneaking its way through the curtains. Perhaps a shower will bring life to this body?

Breakfast calls and the need for strong coffee and some refreshment are a welcome distraction to the strangely disconnected head the time zone change making it all the harder. Arriving at breakfast brings a host of new welcoming faces, some familiar, some distant memories, but all ready to talk and offer advice for the day.

JWC programmes and the day’s timetable seem to be the talking points of breakfast. Which stream to take, how to decide between this presenter or that topic. “I have seem them before, really worth seeing live” seems to be a common opinion. There is a real mix, I want to see them all, but have to make a choice, I can only be in one place at any one time. However, all sessions are being added to the Youtube channel so I can catch up later.

One of the many provided promotional pens comes out of the swag bag and I start to plan my day, the Development stream looks interesting, but so does Integration and the Design session on usability seems to be a must do. I wish my brain was clearer and I was more awake.

Around the room a variety of coloured tee shirts promote past Joomla! events, I have clearly been missing out on a host of information and networking. The clock is advancing and just time for another quick infusion of caffeine before the first keynote starts.

First impressions are Wow, seeing so many people take their seats for the opening keynote, this really is big time. And the speaker is amazing, this is going to be a great conference. As quickly as it begins, the rush for the choice of next session is on. The conference centre is well laid out and the rooms clearly marked, the biggest decision is what to see, at least this is proving to be a great distraction to my tired physical shape.

So, development it is and already there must be nearly 100 people packed into the session room, the video is rolling and the session starts. What could have been a dry topic is presented brilliantly by our host who clearly has a passion for this and has spent days preparing slides which are informative and easy to follow. The day just continues to get better.

Each year JWC, travels to a different location, this year it will visit Rome, Italy as the first time in Europe. To further extend the inclusiveness which has become a Joomla! trademark, there will be simultaneous translations of sessions in both English and Italian, so if English is your only language, you are not going to miss out.

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