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Simone Bussoni

Simone Bussoni
Simone Bussoni is the Joomla! expert at Quantility. He is a Joomla! 3.x Certified Administrator with skills in SEO and Conversion Rate Optimization.
Simone Bussoni is a specialist in web creation and optimization of business, e-commerce and lead generation websites. He has an high level experience in Joomla! CMS, indeed he is a Joomla! 3.x Certified Administrator. More than ten years ago, Simone Bussoni was a "computer technician" with a true passion for technology and PCs: this passion was due to studies in "electronics and telecommunications" and computer engineering. Helped by a certain ability to tell and write, expressed in a some years as a reporter of the "Rest of the Carlino" (an Italian national newspaper), born a true passion for communication on the web. In 2005 Simone Bussoni discovers Mambo and soon begins to use Joomla: with a bit of luck he starts to apply professionally in web development, working for local web agencies and then as a freelancer for companies. After trying out many programming languages, Simone specializes in the use of HTML5, CSS and PHP, obviously alongside MySQL, with the aim of using Joomla! at its maximum. In 2013 Simone Bussoni is "discovered" by Quantility: this company opens up him the possibility of working for advanced web projects supported by market analysis, economic-financial strategies and complex publishing plans. Simone's experience receives a remarkable boost and this allows him to work full-time for Quantility on projects for little and medium Italian companies. In the last 3 years, project after project, with Joomla !, SEO and CRO, Simone can deepen knowledge on lead generation and ecommerce sites, also coming to implement hybrid solutions like "Joomla+Magento" to get the most out of Joomla for communication, and the most out of Magento for online sales.

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