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Robert Deutz

Robert Deutz
PHP developer, Joomla! Specialist, Joomla Ex[OSM|PLT] Member, JAB organiser, Laravel, VueJS Fan. I hate meetings!

Robert founded his consulting company in 2002 and first came in contact with Mambo in 2004 while he was looking for a tool to manage his company website. Like many people he was infected by the open source virus and co-founded Mambo e.V. (later renamed to JandBeyond e.V.) and organised in 2005 the mamboday as community event.

At the beginning of Joomla! he was part of the Design & Accessibility Team and later co-created the first beez template. Between 2010 and 2012 he was an OSM Board member and the Events Team Leader and organised the first Joomla! World Conference. Since 2010 he has also organised JandBeyond - An International Joomla! Conference.

Over the lifetime of the project Robert has had many positions in leadership. So if there is something wrong with Joomla! then there is a pretty good change you can blame Robert for it, will change something, no, but it is good to know :-). At the moment he is Automated Testing Team Leader.

When he is not sitting in front of a computer he likes cooking and making pictures.

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