17-19 Novembre 2017

Il Ponte Italiano

Roma · Italia

Lincoln Islam

Lincoln Islam
Founder & CEO of Coderex Ltd. Active Contributor of Joomla and JUGD, open source enthusiast.

Lincoln Islam is the Founder & Visionary of Coderex Ltd, which helps web designers earn 70% profit on their projects while giving access to a scalable team of resources without the need to hire employees. From small to a bigger agency, Lincoln and his team has worked with clients from all over the world and made their life easy, delivering top notch services. Lincoln has over seven years of experience with Open Source projects and contributing them actively. He started his online career using Joomla back in 2012 and started loving it. Part of his Joomla journey he joined JWC2015 Bangalore, India and JoomlaDay Malaysia 2016. While he is making a living using open source to create and sell products, Lincoln has a dream to make a significant impact on employment rate where he lives.

Contribuire all'Open Source (Joomla)

Contribuire all'Open Source può essere un modo eccellente di imparare, insegnare e costruire una rete in modo molto semplice. Perché dovresti contribuire all'open source?

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