17-19 Novembre 2017

Il Ponte Italiano

Roma · Italia

Duke Speer

Duke Speer
Technologist for NPOs/NGOs | Speaker | Author | Open Source Evangelist. Duke joined the Joomla community in 2008 and never recovered.

Duke has been described as a Renaissance man, combining an MIT education with a career in technology management in the automotive, aerospace, intellectual property, hospitality and financial services industries, culminating as CIO of the largest independent broker-dealer in California. Since then, Duke has been on a mission to Save the World, one non-profit at a time, by indulging in his passion for implementing best of breed technologies in charities that make our world a better place.  By day, he designs visually-rich websites for startups and charities by integrating Joomla! with leading Donor Management Systems to give donors a highly personalized and more engaging online experience that demonstrates the personal impact made by each donor. Duke's latest project is a habit forming smartphone app for those recovering from substance abuse so they can, "Click their way to sobriety." For the last decade, Duke has served on several teams in The Joomla! Project. A frequent speaker, Duke has presented keynotes and hosted events in seven countries. Living with moose at 7,000 ft. elevation, Duke is celebrating his 39th season as a volunteer Ski Patroller in the mountains of Utah.

Dibattito Leadership

Una sessione di discussione e Domande e Risposte con il Board completo di Open Source Matters

Dibattito Google Summer of Code (GSoC)

Un dibattito con alcuni Studenti e Mentori dell'edizione di quest'anno del Joomla GSoC

Dibattito Release Lead

I Joomla! Release Lead presenti e passati discutono le sfide ed i trionfi dietro ai rilasci del nostro CMS

Dibattito Local Community Leader

Local Community Leaders da tutta Europa e oltre discutono come le proprie community lavorano ed evolvono.

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