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Do two good things today! Help Captain Joomla! and buy your Early Bird Ticket!

The clock is ticking in two parts of the joomlasphere today. Early bird is ending and time is running out for the puppies of the siebtlingsgeburt! 

First and foremost, there are only a few hours left to get your early bird tickets for JWC2017, so be a gladiator and get that done by clicking here.

Ticket in hand, your next good deed is to help Captain Joomla! save the puppies of the siebtlingsgeburt! 

This very special mission has been created by the Joomla Optimisation team.

They have entered into a competition for SEO-day in Cologne Germany on the 12th October 2017.  A manufactured keyword has been chosen, siebtlingsgeburt and a team of talented volunteers have come together to create a fable surrounding it as part of our entry.

Joomla! has chosen the "7 CMS Dwarves" as our central Siebtlingsgeburt (septuplet) characters.  The fable will be rolled out in parts daily on this page. To help Cpt. Joomla save the puppies of the Siebtlingsgeburt! 

Please search for "siebtlingsgeburt" at https://google.de

Find our result as shown below and click on it

siebtlingsgeburt Google Search

Once on the page, please stay on it for at least 90 seconds and then close the browser window or navigate forwards, going back to google.de would hurt the process, so please avoid this.

If you want to help even further, please take the code snippet below and add it to your footer or in a module on your website. 

<p>Help Cpt. Joomla save the puppies of the <a title="Siebtlingsgeburt" href="https://www.joomla.org/3/de/siebtlingsgeburt">Siebtlingsgeburt</a>!</p>

We hope you can help us, remember the puppies Siebtlingsgeburt are counting on you to help save them!

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