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Aesir - Connecting Technology with People

Research shows that adoption of new technology operates on a sliding scale. Typically, individuals are the first to welcome new technology into their lives. After that, business applications of new tech will follow. And lastly, as it becomes commonplace, government and public works will gradually take advantage of recent advances.

However, this curve is getting wider and wider as technology advances are occurring at the same rapid pace and often have too many specific applications for everyone to keep up with.

As an example, 4K resolution monitors and television have been around for years, but they have yet to break through in the mainstream - is there just no need for higher resolution viewing experiences, are consumer habits unable to keep up with the latest tech, or are the prices still just too damn high

The concept of digital transformation - making your business fully adaptable to take advantage of the opportunities that arise with changes in tech - is something that’s generally only viable for the 1% of businesses that can afford a technological buy-in cost that exceeds the immediate return on investment.

At redWEB, we know this for a fact. We have over a decade’s experience working with international businesses, large and small, and we’ve noticed a common challenge of an overwhelming amount of tools and different platforms to maintain their digital solutions. This leads to less effective business strategies and a muddled corporate overview.

We’ve worked with Joomla! since the beginning, and over the years we’ve developed a number of popular platforms such as redCOMPONENT, redHOST, and redSHOP. Our collective Joomla! experience has now culminated in the creation of the next generation context marketing and ecommerce platform, Aesir.

Aesir is built with an open source mindset at its core. That we are stronger together than apart, that we can empower each other and grow together on a business level. After all, it is up to the individuals to apply technology to business development. In fact, we believe that a successful digital business is merely a side effect of connecting technology with people.

How do we accomplish this? Our focus was to gather all the tools you need to build a strong and lasting online presence in one solution, always upgraded, so no one gets left behind as tech advances. Aesir combines the flexible Joomla! web creation suite with an advanced analytics engine that observes every user’s journey and is able to react to their choices.

A united system that is easy to use, that facilitates a gradual learning process that not only results in great websites, but also gives your business unique insight into user behaviour, which you can apply to create a marketable digital strategy, leading to better and better user experiences as trends change, generating perpetual, renewable value for your business.

Digital transformation is about to be democratised. With Aesir, the future is within your grasp.

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