Find out why you should attend JWC and what the experience will be like

What is JWC?

JWC is the place to be to meet, learn, share and connect.  JWC, now in its seventh edition is being held at an easily accessible venue in London, UK, It will bring together a community of like minded experts who are on hand to assist those wanting to learn or use Joomla! for the first time as well as those who have previous experience. A mix of keynotes, presentations, workshops and sessions will spread over three days with main hall captioning, ensuring that the broadest content is accessible to all.  Following the success of previous years, it is expected that this event will sell out early. 

Why attend?

Whether you are a beginner or expert, there will be a stream suitable for you. JWC is an event that encourages both beginner and expert alike with streams for Developers, Integrators and Designers as well as beginners who just want to know how to get started. With an opportunity to become Joomla! Certified as well as informative sessions and keynotes to further your Joomla! knowledge, guarantee your space by booking early.

A large number of web designers and developers work alone with little or no contact with other individuals. Conferences like this are an ideal environment to share experiences and techniques and to realise that there is a huge community out there facing similar issues to you. Sharing is a key precept of the Joomla! Community, not only from experiences, but also as an open source project. Joomla! Is entirely developed and supported by volunteers, this conference will provide a great opportunity to get involved at all levels and further the development of this award winning solution.

Who should attend?

No matter what your skill level or experience, there is a stream of content suited to you. From an education stream offering entry level introductions through to integrator certification. Further streams offer content for Designers, Developers and Integrators as well as keynotes of general industry interest. You may be a Joomla! Professional who is well versed with the technology and looking to make contact with like minded individuals. Or you may be a new user looking for an introduction because your employer has adopted Joomla! as a solution.

The three day programme spanning Friday through Sunday offers a chance to achieve all of your objectives. A limited number of single day tickets will be available for those not able to commit to the full programme.

What is Joomla?

Joomla! is an award winning content management system (CMS) that powers more than 3% of the worlds websites. It is an open source project which is supported by tens of thousands of users worldwide, is available in more than 65 languages and can be further extended through more than 10,000 extensions which provide facilities for booking systems, e-commerce, support ticket systems and much, much more.

Joomla! has won countless awards as the best of breed CMS and is used by organisations of all sizes to enable the fast and effective foundation for websites and online applications. From single page adverts through to multi user, secure commerce systems, Joomla! can be easily adapted to fit, saving weeks of development time and offering the support of a global network of enthusiasts and professionals. Joomla! is not just a content management system, but an online community of like minded individuals working to develop and support the best solution to manage your online presence.