Search Working Group (Friday)

Now that Finder has been integrated as Smart Search in 2.5, it’s time for a new Working Group dedicated to search capabilities. Having gained considerable experience of implementing an advanced search capability the Search Working Group will look at embedding search as a core API in the Joomla Platform and exploiting that API to deliver an improved search in future versions of the CMS.

CMS4/UCM (Friday)

Version 4.0 of the CMS is due in less than 18 months. It provides a chance to move to a unified content model, adopt new features from the platform and produce a modern, flexible, forward looking CMS. Discuss what CMS4 should be and how we get it built.

Multi-Language Documentation (Saturday)

There has been considerable interest in non-English wikis for Joomla documentation. We can throw some ideas around about how best to organise that and make it happen.

Web Services Working Group (Saturday)

Connecting Joomla with other applications through web services would greatly extend Joomla’s versatility. For instance, a REST API for Joomla that is standardized, extendable and documented.


If you are interested in a Working Group that isn't one of the four that are meeting on Friday and Saturday mornings, there will be a sign up sheet available on Friday to indicate your interest. Based on that, we'll run additional sessions during the Saturday Working Group sessions.

Bug Squishing (Friday & Saturday)

Join us for a chance to show off your coding skills by squishing bugs. This is a good chance to be walked through how you can submit code to Joomla. Testers are also welcome, but you should have your computer already set up to install patches and run Joomla locally.

In at least one for these bug squish sessions we will be going over testing your code and creating unit tests. We will also work on code styles and show you how to use a tool to locate code style different issues.